Maylinda, C. - 30 yrs old

“Growing up in a country where mental health was never really talked about, I was very hesitant to seek help and utilize EAP. I always thought I just needed to toughen up and accept things as they are.


I decided to make that first call to book an appointment with EAP and consider myself blessed when one of my colleagues personally recommended you and acknowledged how important it is to find the right person for you.

You have saved me in more ways than one. When I first saw you, I was timid, desperate, and afraid of who I was turning into but our first session gave me an indescribable assurance that I was going to be okay.  You immediately gave me the inspiration to roll my sleeves and start working with you, convincing me that every aspect of what I was going through IS valid but that I didn't have to continue to feel or see myself in ways that weren't helpful.  The Mindfulness model and the physiological knowledge you have shared as well as the way you explained it, was such a lightbulb moment and eliminated all the worries I had, it was empowering.


I know there is still so much work to be done and yes, maintenance checks but I think that is the beauty of mindfulness. I am now inclined to be mindful, stay connected to me, not to fix but maintain a happy, functioning mental state. Be able to do the things I love doing and react appropriately to things that happen around me.

Thank you, Tracy and I really wish people who need your help get the opportunity to.  I have been blessed to be one of those you have helped and I wish you more years and opportunities to help others”.