Notice your breathing doesn't seem right

Sigh regularly

Holding your breathe


Feel out of breathe easily

Experience unexplained tiredness at the end of the day

Your breathing health is essential to your well-being. Your breathing fitness makes a direct difference to your mind-body interpretation or experience. It is central to whether your stress or relaxation response is working and the traffic flow of messages between your body and mind. When your stress response is too active (e.g. breathing too fast), therapy slows it down—ever noticed how relaxation or meditation practices focus on slow deep abdominal breathing? In addition, breathing health has multiple benefits to anxiety, depression, sleep, pain and brain function.



  • Understanding how your breathing rate and style influence your mind-body experience

  • Learn which rate gets the most benefit for you

  • Develop a plan for breathing fitness to manage your stress response activity thus gaining a sense of resilience

  • Use of biofeedback to measure your mind-body dynamics