You will have a 1 to 2-hour confidential clinical assessment that may involve questionnaires and/or biofeedback measures. Sessions are confidential with the exception of concerns about your safety, the safety of others or criminal activity. You will be informed if external services are needed to be contacted.


The aim is to increase your awareness of your signs/symptoms and understanding how they link to know how to manage your health. We will develop a personalised plan based on your awareness, knowledge and skills to know what to do, why and when.

This includes tailoring work together to determine what's working and why. Also, to look at what's not working and understand why so we can modify things.

The length of treatment will depend on progress and varies per person.

You will be expected to use the knowledge and skills developed in sessions in your daily activities to build resilience and preventative self-care.





We plan to make continuous progress but need to appreciate that progress has its ups and downs, although we would like it to always be positive.

In the event, there are clients who know each other, be assured sessions are confidential and information will not be clinically shared between parties. If implications arise and this becomes problematic a referral will be made to one of the clients.

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