• Breathing/Respiratory Issues & Health

  • Stress Management: Mindset, Mindfulness & Resilience

  • Sleep Management

  • Fatigue & Energy Management

  • Pain Management

  • Physical Rehabilitation


  • Stress Management 

  • Mood Difficulties & Depression

  • Anxiety Difficulties & Disorders

  • Trauma Response following Stressful Experiences (Acute Stress/PTSD)

  • Critical Incidents

  • Adjustment to Health Issues & Conditions.

  • Loss and Grief (specialising in PET LOSS)

  • Relationship Care

For Example:

Breathing Health:
Fitness & Reactive Care

Stress Management:
Mindset, Mindfulness & Resilience

Sleep & Energy

Loss & Grief
Pet Owner Care


Your physical health, psychological wellbeing and performance all overlap and impact each other. You may be interested in support for one area or a selection of them. Another important consideration is when to get support and not having to wait until things are problematic taking a more proactive preventative approach.

Therapy focuses on both mind-body dynamics. I use a psychophysiological approach looking at core mechanisms influencing the risk, onset, development and maintenance of health and psychological issues and conditions (e.g. stress, poor sleep/insomnia, pain, worrying/anxiety, low mood/depression). ​Treatment focuses on managing these core mechanisms (i.e. transdiagnostic processes) of your experience and will have generalisable and transferrable benefits to your other experiences. Thus benefits are widespread to your overall wellbeing by having overflow effects.


Consider this - when you learn to drive a car it doesn't mean that is the only car you can drive. Your driving ability can be generalised or transferred to drive different sorts of cars in different weather conditions. For example, improving your breathing health will influence anxiety, depression, pain management, sleep, relaxation and brain function (alertness, attention & concentration).