About Me
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I am a NZ registered psychologist (since 2001) specialising in health and have extensively worked clinically with adults in healthcare & rehabilitation, mental health & wellbeing and performance.  My experience comes from working with corporate health (i.e. general wellbeing), private health clinics (i.e. pain management and cardiac rehab), hospital departments (i.e. physical rehabilitation, respiratory, rheumatology, general, neurology), government services (i.e. NZ Police, ACC) and performance sectors.


I use a range of evidence-based therapeutic styles, including:

·       Brief Intervention Solution-Focused Therapy

·       Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

·       Mindfulness

·       Biofeedback


Therapy focuses on both mind-body dynamics. I use a psychophysiological approach looking at core mechanisms influencing the risk, onset, development and maintenance of health and psychological issues and conditions (e.g. stress, poor sleep/insomnia, pain, worrying/anxiety, low mood/depression). ​Treatment focuses on managing these core mechanisms (i.e. transdiagnostic processes) of your experience and will have generalizable and transferrable benefits to your other experiences. Thus benefits are widespread to your overall wellbeing by having overflow effects.

​I completed all my training at Auckland University and the Health Psychology training through the Psychological Medicine Dept. My professional development involves regular training and supervision to ensure you get the most appropriate and evidence-based therapy available.