I feel stressed, and I don’t know why

I react to things easily and not like my normal self

I keep getting caught up in negative or unhelpful thinking – all I see is the worst-case scenario


I keep playing over scenarios and wishing I had done something else


I overthink and worry about a lot of things

I feel down but don't think I'm depressed


I often feel close to tears

I have no capacity to cope and have no tolerance for anything or anyone

My emotions are all over the place


I can't focus or pay attention to one thing and have brain fog during the day

Naturally, our mind is hard-wired to protect itself and our survival mechanisms end up causing us to pay too much attention to unhelpful or negative experiences (i.e. thoughts and emotions). We react by getting caught up spending time or being consumed struggling to understand the experience. We reason with it and try to change it - we think our efforts will reduce our stress or unwanted experience. 


Our bodies stress response becomes overactive sending more threat messages to your mind/brain to be interpreted. You end up with side-effects like wanting to cry and not knowing why, being more reactive to ourselves and others, brain fog (i.e. attention, concentration, memory, decision making), unexplained tiredness at the end of the day, more emotional, no motivation to do things, wanting to isolate and withdrawal from others. 

Sound familiar? If this is you I can offer a general wellbeing toolkit for immediate relief and developing your resilience to cope overall.


  • Reflective perspective-taking on your situation and reaction to it

  • Immediate relief in overwhelming situations so you can respond instead of being reactive

  • Identify your mindset style and help develop a more helpful and productive mindset

  • Develop mindful 'healthy' attention training and activities to manage unhelpful and unwanted experiences

  • Change your relationship and the way you engage with unhelpful thoughts and emotions

  • Find your why or purpose and the legacy you want to be known for

  • Invest in value-based actions or behaviours

  • Turn off your stress response and actively turn on your relaxation response for better mind-body traffic

  • Learn how your brain deals with emotions and logic/facts